nobody leaves without mushrooms

The answer to “What’s for tea?” in our house tends to be (extremely) closely related to “What is C*****y Stores selling improbably cheaply this week?” Friday is always a good bargain day. When I called on my way home from work, I was told firmly, “Nobody leaves without mushrooms*.”

I like mushrooms. I like them a lot. The mushrooms were 20p for a huge bag. I was powerless to resist. There were a lot of huge bags in the shop. I only took two of them home with me. I thought that was quite restrained.

So, we have been feasting on fungi… On Friday we had mushroom pizza, yesterday we had mushroom risotto, today we had mushroom fajitas (store cupboard eating is also a bit of a theme, mummy spent all the money on yarn and holidays, OOOPS, sorry children…) Tomorrow should just finish off the fungi, I reckon, which is fortunate as even my enthusiasm is beginning to flag.

*When I write my best selling novel exposing the horrors of life in rural Derbyshire, I am totally stealing this for the title.



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12 responses to “nobody leaves without mushrooms

  1. katherinea

    I have mushroom salt. Shall I send some your way?

  2. Re. * You so should! That would make an awesome book title!

  3. katherine

    i would like to read that!

  4. I’d read it!

    I remember the market once having boxes of mushrooms really cheap, the old cardboard ones they used to serve them out of, and we had lots of soup and a delicious mushroom and lentil bake that I have sadly lost the recipe for.

  5. Hope the novel will be available on Kindle 🙂

  6. Liz

    Please write that book – I want to read it!

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