switchy swatchy

I don’t know just when I became the person who designs her own knitwear, because what’s in the shops is just not good enough.

I’m not sure either how I acquired two different fairisle books…

…and the dedicated pad of graph paper and set of pens (Not For Use By Children.) I do recall the yarn acquisition tour of Lerwick, so that’s fine.

Oh look, I wrestled the shade cards away from my daughter. I think she’s beyond help. Only 13, and already craving the hard stuff. She’s making me take her to fondle wool this afternoon…

Not pretty colours, but the names are like poetry.

Border pattern. Don’t even think about telling me you don’t like this, because I’ve already knitted it.

Yoke design in-progress. Constructive criticism welcomed here. Do we like it? Too many colours? Too much grey space?

Meeting of swatches…



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7 responses to “switchy swatchy

  1. Rosie

    I too remember the yarn-acquisition tour of Lerwick. I recall it being dark. Most of the time, actually.
    I love the fair isle and cannot make further comments, constructive or otherwise.

  2. When two swatches meet do they fall in love and have baby swatches?

  3. Love the border and love all the colours but do wonder if there is one too many rows in the yoke? But what do I know 😉

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