a thousand tiny rock flowers

Things I have learned already this week (and it’s only Monday):

1) What a spaetzle is (or possibly are? I remain unclear about the exact nature of their plurality…)

2) That millefiori means “thousand flowers” and is made like Blackpool rock. Just exactly like. Only less sticky. I am entirely charmed by this concept.

Big daughter dragged me to a craft fair yesterday to fondle wool (you think I have issues? seriously, she’s only 13, she’s got it BAD…) Whilst we were there, I met two people I haven’t seen for years (in one case, a very large number of years, rather frighteningly, it appears that I Have Not Changed…)

One Long Lost Friend dyes yarn. This skein ambushed me:

It may be time for socks. I haven’t knitted a sock in months, since the disaster of the fugly sock which became a horcrux.

The other Long Lost Friend has clever daughters who make things. I am always particularly excited by young people doing crafts well, and with pride, and selling their work. Look, buttons! Teeny weeny millefiori Fimo buttons.

I have a bit of a problem with crafts, I admit it. I’ll buy the occasional thing other people have made, but mostly what I want is to be able to Do It Myself Now. I begged for a lesson, and had an hour’s masterclass from this delightful and talented 11 year old, and hamfistedly made my own buttons. Teenyweeny wonky buttonses! I was so ridiculously proud of my efforts, I came home and strung them up into a bracelet. It was supposed to be for Small Daughter, but as she’d gone to bed, I was forced to model it myself. Do you know how tricky it is to photograph your own wrist from a becoming angle…?

For my next trick: craft club does millefiori. After all, I’ve done it once, I’m sure I can find a youtube video, what could possibly go wrong…?

(This post turned out to have remarkably little to do with spaetzle. Who knew..?)



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5 responses to “a thousand tiny rock flowers

  1. If you make buttons you will be my friend forever!

  2. Millefiori is such amazing stuff, I love how it’s made and I love how it looks so gorgeous even after hundreds of years. At my last museum we had a tiny fragment of roman millefiori glass and then had a replica made to match and the colours were so similar!

    Your teeny tiny buttons are gorgeous 😀

  3. You can make your own spaetzle, too. I frequently do!

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