waiting room

This morning involved three hours of hospital.  I am really not very good at all at hospitals.  It is always my most fervent wish that nobody I love will be injured or ill, obviously because it would be a bad thing for them, but mostly for the entirely selfish reason that I might have to spend time in hospitals.


For the record:


1) The boy’s left wrist is slightly broken, but he is fine now he is plastered, and enjoying the novelty of his small sister being kind to him (“EVEN THOUGH NOBODY WAS KIND TO ME WHEN I BROKE MY WRIST…” she possibly has a few anger issues..)

2)  If you have to go to a hospital, I recommend Buxton, which is almost bearable.  In my view, it is worth leaving a child with a slightly broken wrist overnight to avoid crossing the threshold of S***ing Hell A & E.

3)  It is always a good idea to take your knitting with you, but you will be especially glad of it if you hear the words, “The x-ray machine is broken, and we’re just waiting for someone to fix it…”

4)  As Monday afternoon is likely to involve several more hours of hospital, it is lucky socks tend to come in pairs, as I’ve had to stop knitting this one until I’ve checked the recipient’s foot size…




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7 responses to “waiting room

  1. olderthanieverintendedtobe

    I hope he is not too sore. It doesn’t sound nice poor boy.

    I failed to blog that last time I was in A&E they took my knitting and my glasses away from me. I know it is because they were very worried indeed but 6 hours no knitting, no glasses and no wireless to make the iPad work. I’d finished my book after an hour…

  2. Liz

    I hope the boy’s wrist heals nicely and without giving him bother.

    Nice sock colours 🙂

  3. Sugar

    I’ve taken my knitting in the back of ambulance before now. It’s essential A&E requirment. Hope Boy feels better soon x

  4. It is always a good idea to keep an emergency sock kit in the car in case you find yourself in a waiting room 🙂
    Hope your boy is better now!

  5. Poor guy, I had that last summer. It’s not much keep that cast on as long as long as they say and, if they say PT, do it. Tell him it is really better. My was slightly broken but they decided that since the main arrea of pain and swelling was the bone where the thumb joins on, to be more aggressive. I hope he’s like my sister who breezed through quicker, even though hers was broken too. Was he playing a sport?

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