running scared

According to the plan, my next run should be 20 minutes without stopping. The problem is, I don’t believe at all that I can do this one.  It’s too big a leap.  I got my head around 60 seconds/ 90 seconds/ 3 minutes/ 5 minutes.  This morning, I nearly embraced a random dog-walker after running for two 8 minute intervals.  But 20 is more than 8.  Lots more than 8.  So much more that it is looming ridiculously big inside my head, and I am probably actually too scared to even attempt it, because I don’t cope well with failure.  Even I think this is kind of pathetic.



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7 responses to “running scared

  1. Gnome

    What will happen if you don’t follow the plan? Can you amend it a bit?

  2. katherine

    Think of it as 20 x 60sec runs. Lie to yourself and tell yourself you can stop after just one more minute. twenty times.

    • This. it’s what I used to do when I went swimming to get myself up to 65 lengths, it works well with my stubbornness…

      Whatever happens though, you’re still totally amazing for running.

  3. Lesley

    You didn’t think you could run at all a short time ago. Any amount of running is a bonus. You managed 2 lots of 8 – thats 16 – you’re only increasing by 4. Good luck!

    • carolynphillipsuk

      It does seem a large jump, but I’m sure it is in the plan like that because it is doable, and people follow this plan, so just keep telling yourself you can – and if you want what is the harm with taking it a bit slower and adding in a 12 and 16 stage?

  4. RosyJess

    Could you do two sets of ten minutes, and have a minute break? And then the next time drop the break? 20 mins is scary. I would be scared too. 3 weeks til I’m allowed to run again and it is going to hurt when I start again!

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