Eriskay revisited

One finished fairisle cardigan, completely improvised following pattern fail.

The main yarn is grey-with-slight-blue-flashes cashmere/wool laceweight I picked up from the bargain bin on the Knitwitches stall at Woolfest back in June. It is quite seriously adorable.

Lots of colours (I think I can see 13 in that picture, but I may have missed some…) of Jamiesons/ Jamieson & Smith Shetland yarn.

Looksee! Tangledy seaweed and waves crashing on beaches, and machair flowers, with a side order of bog, all translated into fairisle.

I do like a nice raglan…

Sparkly shell buttons, from a little gallery in Portree.

I have other knitting to show you, but enough brain power to shape sentences, and there is apparently a whole other week until halfterm.



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8 responses to “Eriskay revisited

  1. dawn

    That is just stunningly beautiful

  2. carolynphillipsuk

    Wow. That is gorgeous.

  3. Rosie

    Oh gosh, that’s lovely.

  4. Gnome

    Words fail me! Fabulously beautiful.

  5. Simply gorgeous. The colours blend beautifully. I have knitwear envy. When are you going to model it for us?

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