never work with children

Another sunny day, another knitwear photoshoot…

“Please don’t pull her wobbly tooth out while I’m photographing you.”

“You do realise I don’t actually want to see you two, only the hats. Bend over so I can photograph the crown decreases…”

“This is a very serious business, you know…”

“I think my hair could model.”

“Stop looking alike, it frightens people.”

“I don’t look like her!”

“We’re bored now.”

“I like this hat. I think you should give it to me as payment for modelling…”



Filed under a little bit mad, crafting, insanity of the offspring

5 responses to “never work with children

  1. Lovely hats, lovely children – and they both look so like their mother……

  2. Rosie

    Hhehehhee, fab, And fab hats.

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