15 minutes

I have a new cushion design:


It takes 15 minutes to knit a Warhol sheep. That’s 15 minutes when I’m not hurting myself, or anyone else. Some days that’s about as good as it gets.



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10 responses to “15 minutes

  1. Liz

    I like the new cushion design.

  2. carolynphillipsuk

    Oh wow, I love this design.

  3. dawn

    that is a fabulous design – and a very positive use of 9 x 15 mins

  4. Cara

    that really appeals to my sense of whimsy, it’s fabulous. good use of 15 mins, hope you find some peace.

  5. This is superb Nicola. I am sad that you feel so low and impressed that you can create beauty from it. I think my sister needs one of these for Christmas – can you sell me your pattern?

    • As usual, I can sell you a cushion! Message me if you’re interested, price will be £20-£25 depending what I decide to do with the back.

      I used the chart from Kate Davies’ Sheep Heid hat pattern, which I already owned, but I’m sure you could find a sheep chart for free somewhere on the internets.

  6. What a fabulous design. The other stuff is less so, sorry.

  7. Sorry about the crap, but I love the sheep! I think I might make sheep mittens for my family this Christmas, if I can figure it all out.

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