blank canvas

Here is a short public information announcement: if you are hanging around the Lake District, go and visit Allan Bank. Ignore all that Wordsworth business. Yeah, the dead poet dude lived there for a while, but frankly who cares? For once, the National Trust have got something right. Right now, Allan Bank is something rare and precious: an almost empty inviting creative space. And the Great British Public are loving it. They’re sitting on the antique furniture, and making their own cups of tea, they’re writing iambic pentameters and declarations of love on the newly plastered walls, they’re playing the piano, and collaging the William Morris fabric samples… and they’re painting. Painting and painting and painting.

There’s a room full of lovely Derwent colours.

A desk of one’s own to sit at.

Or you can just sit back in a chair and watch that view change.

The tribe took over the art room. For several hours.

“Yes, we look alike, and we paint alike. Just to scare you…”

The pile of take home souvenirs.


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  1. re. NT you mean other than tea and cake and employing me 😉

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