Because she thinks she’s no good at writing
Because she sat and worked her hardest on this
Because she’d rather have been doing something (anything) else
Because we are all proud of her
Because it was freezing out there on Cracken Edge waiting for inspiration
Because she’s sad that it’s Monday tomorrow
Because her big sister told me I should publish it

The poem which Small Daughter has written as homework.



Filed under insanity of the offspring

10 responses to “inspiration

  1. Rosy-Jess

    Your daughter is a genius. There’s some beautiful bits in there, but I like the line about Anousa best of all 🙂

  2. Kate

    That is brilliant.

    I am sad it’s Monday tomorrow too. 😦

  3. dawn

    That is fabulous – well done I

  4. Tricia

    Tell her she’s a fantastic writer. I could hear it and feel it!

  5. I’m sad it’s Monday tomorrow too. She’s created some lovely imagery there.

    PS tell her I think her handwriting is better than mine…

  6. Sugar

    That’s lovely. She might think she’s no good but she is! Well done smallest girl

  7. Rosie

    I love it (esp the line about her big sister).

  8. There is some wonderful stuff in there. Well done her – she’s brilliant!

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