living dangerously

Once upon a time, I knitted a very stripey jumper for that smallest girl of mine.

But children are inconsiderate and they grow. They grow out of very stripey jumpers and put them in charity bags…

I was obviously having separation issues that day, because I decided to felt the VSJ, for repurposing in an unspecified craft project. After that step, I abandoned it on the pile of crafts-in-progress for some time…

Until this afternoon, when I was at a little bit of a loose end, which is always risky. I wanted to make something, but I wasn’t sure what. I picked up the now tiny and felted VSJ..

Half an hour with a pair of scissors and a rotary cutter later…

It was tremnedous fun. SWISH with the wheel, through all those stripes. I had squares and strips-cut-on-the-bias and everything…

Then I played jigsaws with the stripey pieces…

Zigzagged it all together onto a plain backing.

Et voila! One finished chair cushion.

Next week: what happens when you felt fairisle…?



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4 responses to “living dangerously

  1. Liz

    Oh that is beautiful! Knit more jumpers for your children to inconsiderately grow out of so you can make more gorgeous chair cushions!

  2. That’s brilliant! I wish I were that creative!

  3. carolynphillipsuk

    Oh wow! Nicola you are amazing. I love that.

  4. Missed this one…Awesome!!

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