mad about the hats

Another weekend, another hat. My trouble is I only have one head, but a great list of hats I want to make, and yarn to play with.

My children do their best to help, but they only have another three heads between them.

Mind you, they do come in different sizes, which is handy…

Actually, you want to see the crown decreases, yes?

We all know hats make delightful and charming seasonal gifts for those you love. If you would like to order a hat, please get in touch with colour and pattern requirements and we can talk.

Otherwise, I’m going to have to start knitting for this guy:

Mind you, I can feel a nasty attack of gloves coming on too… probably I am beyond help.



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5 responses to “mad about the hats

  1. katherinea

    As if you would ever blog a hat without a crown decrease.

  2. dawn


  3. Carolyn

    Love the snowflakes and the crown decrease is genius.

  4. Annabel

    I’m gloving away like there was no tomorrow – I did hats last year! Actually, fingerless mittens with covers, rather than gloves.

  5. Gnome

    Why didn’t I reply to this? Am fule. Pls to send me hat price list etc for I love them.

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