solstice hat

Another week, another fairisle hat. But this one, mes amis, is my own design, and I am PROUD. I was inspired yesterday when there was No Snow, Only Horrible Sleet. I got out the felt tips and squared paper again, and then had an instant gratification moment when I remembered I had SPARKLY YARN! The need to sleep and earn a living intervened, but I finished it off this afternoon.


My hat model was busy…


…and I had to follow her around the kitchen while she made cake.


Acknowledgements.  This design was influenced by: Roisin, who got me thinking about sparkly snowflakes, Kate Davies, whose patterns have taught me everything I know about crown decreases, and most crucially, the Christmas 2012 Waitrose bag for life design. I’m classy like that…


* Look! (I know you’ve all been waiting for this part…) Christmas tree crown decreases!


I’ll be writing up the pattern over the weekend and posting it on Ravelry, if people fancy knitting their own sparkly solstice hat. (Would anyone like to volunteer to test knit?)

And because I am full of seasonal good will and all that jazz I’ll be giving away a hat (your choice of colour, design, etc) to one commenter, drawn at random, next Friday 14th December.



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27 responses to “solstice hat

  1. Rosy-Jess

    Genius. I’m working on the Waitrose Christmas Cardigan. Photos to follow, and please post the pattern on Rav 🙂

  2. Jo

    I will definitely leave a comment ;0)

  3. euphrosynaa

    Ooh! Pick me! It’s so beautiful!

  4. Annabel

    Total Genius and I am commenting because I should love to win one of your sparkly hats. And yes, do post the pattern on Rav!

  5. dawn

    I don’t really need a hat, but wanted to say that that is gorgeous! And I love the decreases – very very impressed.

  6. Oooh that’s beautiful! And there’s no way I’d be able to make one so I’d love to have a chance to win one *g*

  7. Ohhh me and then you can make it extra huge and i will have a hat that fits on “my” giant mutant head rather than my childrens!
    Did I mention I had to purchase my 10yr old an adult size hat this year, it just fits her…

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Put me in the draw please, though I feel rather greedy even asking since I have a beautiful Nicola-made cushion on my bed already 🙂

  9. It is beautiful. I feel inspired (especially as I have been trying to knot a snowflakey hat already and failed miserably). I wouldn’t say no to a Nicola hat either 😉

  10. Liz

    That is a beautiful hat. You are so very clever!

  11. Rosie

    Pick me, pick me! I am incapable of finishing much I make myself, and that is lovely!

    Also, I went to a gin party tonight. That should win me extra points (though is making typing tricky).

  12. Pick me, pick me, pick me?

    (Also if you still need a test knitter I am totally your person…)

  13. derrick

    Lovely hat Nicola. Would make a great gift. If u have any spare I will happily buy one off you

  14. Gnome

    Those decreases are GENIUS I tell you, GENIUS. Am filled with awe.

    Also, I have a Nicola-hat but would greedily like another one 🙂

  15. Can’t wait to see the pazttern on Rav – those crown decreases are awesome!

  16. Catriona

    You’re so clever – it’s beautiful! And Fair Isle is Scottish and I am Scottish……

  17. Genius crown decreases. Would like to think I will knit it when it goes on Ravelry, but it won’t be hat weather by the time I finish it…and I don’t have any yarn that matches my scarf, or a hat for that matter!

  18. katherine

    I think you should knit me a hat as I have NOT been to a gin party, which is most unfair. Also, I suffer terribly from cold ears and you wouldn’t want them to fall off and it all to be your fault, would you?

  19. gaugenotte

    I really like your hat!

  20. Kate

    Hello! Did you pick the winner yet? I can’t figure out if I missed it somehow or if you haven’t said!

  21. I made your hat. It is beautiful so thank you for sharing the pattern (though it doesn’t seem to like my head, but we are going to have words and it will be ok)

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