around the world in 80 days

I was looking for pictures to sum up my year, but there are too many and I am daunted (my resolution for next year is to do something where my photographs get whittled down and printed and they can make me happy every day- suggestions?)

So I did some sums and came up with a statistic instead. This has been my year of wandering, far and wide. In 2012, I spent 80 nights away from home (hey, that’d be why I was so tired, and the carpets never got hoovered…) I spent those nights all over the place: Shetland, Northumberland, Yorkshire, everywhere in New Zealand (really, this was the year of too many uncomfortable hostel beds), Lancashire, Milton Keynes, Tiree, a festival where I never quite worked out where I was, the Lake District, Yorkshire, Kent, Shropshire, the Lakes again, Skye, Uist, back to Northumberland, Ilkley, Grasmere, London and back to Kent.

I reckon there were 11 flights, 13 ferries and more thousands of miles driven than I care to think of. And I don’t regret a minute of it.


I’ve had really bad itchy NEED-to-be-on-a-Scottish-island feet for the last month, even though I knew there was no realistic way to get there over the Christmas break. Is there a solution to this? How do you find a way to be happy staying home?



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5 responses to “around the world in 80 days

  1. Do you really want us to answer that Nicola?
    On the photos front, though, how about a digital picture frame? We gave a couple this year as xmas presents and with the photos resized the SD cards Pete got could hold 50,000 photos. Then all you do is plug it in and play it as much as you like. Am now plotting to get one for us.

  2. I am basically coming here to echo Anne’s comments! A digital photo frame sounds like a good idea at least as a starting point to enjoy your photos while you think of a good way to collect them in a printed format.

    And…. yes. I think you know in your heart how you can be happy staying home. You don’t need us to spell it out. *hugs tight*

  3. I can second the digital frame idea. I love mine.

  4. dawn

    agreeing with both the home and the digital photo frame – Jess got granny one for Christmas and she loves it.

  5. Hi Nicola, I’m glad Helen managed to put it so much more nicely than I did! I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award today. You can find the details here if it’s your cup of tea.

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