let it snow

I can’t find any words for the fog inside my head (which coincidentally resembles the cloud hanging around outside my window, blocking out sun, sky, hills…) I am sad, and angry, because somebody I love very much indeed is sad and angry, and I can’t fix it. I need to fix things. Fixing things is how I cope with negative situations. But I can’t figure out how to fix this one, or even what- really- is wrong. And accepting that is slightly breaking my heart.

In the mean time, have another hat. I know the hat won’t make things better, but unlike some other popular coping strategies, it at least takes the edge off the feelings without making things any worse.


Snow is forecast. I think this has to make the world a slightly brighter place. We are all holding out for No School, and a sledging day.

This is not the post I need to write. Maybe next time…


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