pieces of my mind

Crafts as a metaphor for life: we all know it makes sense. Here’s one I made (a week) earlier…


I took a fairisle cushion cover I’d got tired of (clutter!), gave it a good hot wash, chopped it up into pieces, discarded what I didn’t like, arranged it carefully and sewed it all back together to create something I know to be useful and believe to be beautiful.

I think I need to do the same with the clutter inside my head.

I got as far as picking up the phone to call a counsellor yesterday. But I saw sense/ lost my nerve (delete as applicable) and put it back down again. That is all.


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One response to “pieces of my mind

  1. Hugs. I wish I had something helpful or constructive to say but for now I can only say I’m thinking of you.

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