plugging the gap

You know how sometimes you realise that there is a yawning gap in your life, and you’re seized with the urge to make a particular thing to fill it… All weekend, I’ve been pondering a knitted draught excluder snake. By last night, I’d run out of reasons not to, so I cast on, and (a very short time later- aran weight, stocking stitch, on DPNs, very fast knit whilst reading) here he is.


He’s been named Frank Romeo Engelbert Jasper Eduardo Clarissa Tarquin (or the trouser snake, according to my horrible offspring), and I’m confident he’ll soon be the most popular member of our household.




Filed under crafting, insanity of the offspring

4 responses to “plugging the gap

  1. He’s ace and your children are fantastic.

  2. He is fab! I want to know what he is stuffed with, please 🙂

  3. Liz

    I may just have to knit one of those for the lizard household.

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