the space between

Sometimes, there’s a knitting pattern, or yarn, or colour that gets lodged in my head, and it completely takes over. It’s love at first sight, and I can think of nothing else… until the affair comes to its natural end (I’m kind of promiscuous…)

It was like that with the Northmavine Hoody back in November.  I dreamed of that hoody (or just possibly, I dreamed of standing on a Shetland beach wearing that hoody…)  

I bought the book the day it came out, and stalked the postman until it arrived. The yarn was my Christmas present to myself. But when I opened the parcel, I didn’t like it. I looked at the colours and thought they were all wrong together. This made me sad. I loved the pattern, I loved the pictures I’d seen, I loved Shetland… but I didn’t think I loved this yarn I’d bought.


It took me six weeks to get over myself and actually cast on for this project I’d dreamed of. In that time, I read several books about Shetland and almost impulse bought a plane ticket…

It turns out the designer is even smarter than I give her credit for (and trust me, I’m a signed up Kate Davies fangirl) and those colours really do work beautifully together after all. The revelation which brought this blog post to you is this: it’s the grey that makes them sing in harmony.



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One response to “the space between

  1. katherinea

    I was thinking as I looked at the four colours side by side, ‘But what about the grey?’!

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