dye another day

Here is all the yarn cosied up together on the grass. Yarn likes fresh air on a fine day. I know this, it’s just my neighbours don’t understand.


This was the first yarn I dyed on Saturday. I was thinking of Scottish seas. It didn’t turn out the way I imagined it, but I do think it’s rather lovely.


This is my second skein from Saturday. I was thinking sunsets, but couldn’t get the colours right. There was a patch of rather alarming yellow which I couldn’t live with and had to redye, and I think the purple is too cold. It’s not a disaster, but I don’t love this one.


So I had another go…

I had a particular place in mind for this one, which I wonder if any of you will recognise…

I rather love it, and have plans for it.


These were the yarns I wanted to produce on Saturday. Hebridean seas- sunny day and stormy day. They are mine, all mine, although I haven’t decided yet what they will be.




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5 responses to “dye another day

  1. Oh wow, you have been going for it and have some wonderful results.

  2. dawn

    Those are just fabulous and I love the second one that you did on saturday. What colour are your hands?

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