When someone asks me how I am, I can’t find the words to say, just, like… y’know… fine… But as soon as it gets late, and I should be in bed, it’s like a dam breaches, and all the words I needed earlier come flooding out. In no sensible order. And with nowhere to go.

I am hurting too much. And the only way I can think to make it go away is to hurt myself.

My head is not a good place to be tonight.



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8 responses to “irony

  1. jo

    Call me if you like.
    Or write me.

    But do not. Hurt. You.

    Love Always,

  2. cara

    keep yourself safe, hurt is okay it is an emotion that means you are alive, but please do not hurt yourself, we are all here helping, holding and caring, keep talking I will listen

  3. dawn

    I’m holding you in the light all the time (not just when you post) and sending you much love.

  4. Annabel

    Don’t hurt yourself, please?! Pretty please?! Get up and write down all those words that have nowhere to go. Write them all down, and then burn the paper you wrote them on. If you write them on the computer, print them out, delete the file, and then burn the paper. *Holding you very tight*.

  5. Many many hugs. I hope writing it out helped.

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