the year of knitting greyly

The sun shone, unexpectedly, this afternoon, and I looked around and realised there was a definite grey theme to all the knitting currently lying around my house.

There’s Big Grey (I’m nearly finished knitting its endless hood. And then there’s a terrifying amount of finishing to do. I will love wearing this. I do not love the making of it…)


I also have a Man Sock on the go, mostly for use in dull travelling situations. I really am totally out of love with sock knitting these days. Especially Man Socks.


Now, this is one of my new projects. It’s only grey in parts. I’m very excited by it, it’s a big ongoing longterm conceptual thing that I haven’t quite worked out yet. More on this later.


And finally… this is the project I’ve been picking up all day, when I should have been working. I’m eversoslightly in love with it, although it’s destined to be a gift. See how the green is subtly variegated…?




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3 responses to “the year of knitting greyly

  1. Annabel

    Big Grey is lovely, but am I allowed to ask why you don’t carry the colours up the side of the work so you don’t have all those ends to deal with later?

    • Each colour only repeats every 16 rows- no way you can carry four colours over that distance. I’ve left them all so far because I’m hoping there’s some way to get the i-cord edging to magically help to hide some of it?

  2. Annabel

    Yes you can i-cord over the ends and they will be safe and warm! And won’t unravel.

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