Today has had a clarity about it.  The calm after the storm, perhaps.  There was a walk in the sunshine, cake, a little knitting, fun at Guides (oh, we are really so very excited about camp!), then an inspiring and supportive evening (with added wine, this is important.)




A good friend gave me this notebook, over a year ago, inscribed ‘for your journey’.  Now, I love notebooks, I love travel, and I love to write.  The notebook travelled with me to Shetland, to Northumberland, to New Zealand, to Tiree, to Skye and Uist.  But somehow I never wrote in it.  It wasn’t that I had nothing to say.  I wrote elsewhere, I blogged about it all; I just didn’t start to write in the journey notebook.  I never found myself on a journey that meant enough.


Today, I realised what my journey was, and started writing…


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One response to “journey

  1. Tricia

    I’m so pleased. Half of it is working out where to start, the rest will now come. Bon voyage!

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