colours of days

Remember the grey project I hinted at a couple of times?

I decided to knit a year. In blanket form, because blankets are the noblest expression of woolly art. Here’s the first chunk of it.


There’s a square for each day, colour coded grey/ blue for temperature. March is very blue. There’s 22 days when the temperature never rose above five degrees (there’s something very British about such weather geekery…)

There’s a more extensive palette of temperature shades, which I’ll be gradually breaking out if we ever have a summer.


Then I added in extra squares of colour, for days I wanted to remember.

(It’s s bit like a puzzle: what colour did I use for which day? Just don’t start thinking too hard about why, I certainly can’t justify it.

It’s interesting for me to have a project which forces me to go slowly, a little at a time, which is totally against all my natural impulses. I’m using each daily square to carve out a meditative chunk of time in my life. A year is a long time. I wonder how it will grow?



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2 responses to “colours of days

  1. Wow. Fantastic and I can’t wait to see what it looks like later in the year – especially if we get some sun!

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