the fabric of my life

I had a perfect pale blue ice cold sparkly sea and mountains day on Friday. We went to Conwy to see this exhibition, with some side tracking to Anglesey for fish and chips and icecream and the beach.


The exhibition was a delight, and joining a line of eager folk queuing up to buy was quite thrilling. I wish I’d thought to take a photograph of the piece I bought, but I didn’t, so you’ll just have to wait until I collect it in a few weeks time.


Josie Russell is very talented, but as I can’t afford to commission her to make the pictures inside my head, I obviously wanted to have a go myself. This afternoon, I forced everyone to eat lunch really quickly and shooed them out of the way so I could have some free time and space.


Sea and sky and snowy mountains.


Finished piece. I’m not happy with the beach. I didn’t really have the colours I wanted in the fabric stash. (Note to self for future efforts: it’s easier to see in a photo how the colours are working together.)


At some point, the inevitable happened. Big Girl said, “I Want To Do That Too!” and my nice peaceful afternoon of making vanished. She proceeded to make a huge mess with all the things.


I like her purple hills better than my own laborious efforts.

*sulks at being eclipsed*

Apparently her secret was not to try to make it look like anywhere whilst making. Her post hoc declaration is that it “looks a bit like the Lake District maybe”. Meh. Bloody vague artistic types..

Next up (when I have a couple of hours free…), patchwork Hebridean sea!


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  1. Wow. I bought a piece from Josie for a present a few years ago (and I regret giving it away)…

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