full circle

I was never a fan of the full time stay-at-home parent of small children stage. I chose it, believing it to be better than the alternatives, and we all lived to tell the tale, but that’s about as positive as I can get about it all. I am far keener on life with my big competent children (even though I can no longer describe them as the SBs…)

It delights me beyond measure that everyone in the house can bath, dress and feed themselves. I adore it when they cook for me.

What I am struggling with is that they are rapidly becoming more competent than me. Big Girl made this picture. Whilst knocking up a quick lemon meringue pie. If we didn’t share DNA, I think I’d probably hate her.


Just this evening, I’ve been told off for reading whilst eating my tea, by Small Girl. I reckon this parenting job’s over and done, and I can retire.

If you don’t hear from me for a while, I’ll be playing out with my friends. Or possibly planning my gap year…



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4 responses to “full circle

  1. I think going out to play with friends is an excellent idea.

  2. Mrs Redboots

    So do I! I do it all the time….well, twice a week, anyway!

  3. katherinea

    Surely you’ll be locked in your bedroom on the Internet?

  4. Catriona

    I think that shows what a fantastic job you’ve done!

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