work in progress

I haven’t blogged for so long, it turns out I’ve forgotten my wordpress login…

But here’s some things I’ve been up to on my day off.

Felted fairisle,




multiply incarnated sock,


and there are 3549967931469604970533553633839734259650948097436





ways to arrange these squares on my living room floor. I’m not sure I’ve yet arrived at the optimal solution.




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6 responses to “work in progress

  1. katherinea

    No! It will be an even number. I discovered that even SAS can’t cope with a number that big, or at least I need to use a special piece of code that I couldn’t be bothered with. And it appears there are matching squares which means fewer combinations but a more complicated formula.

    I do like that felting up the top.

    • It is even, with a lot of zeroes, but for some reason wordpress mangled the formatting and lost most of the digits. I decided to ignore the similar squares, for the sake of hyperbole…

      • katherinea

        We could argue each is a unique hand crafted item. Given that SAS will have to round (it only gives you 17 digits before it starts to round and it’s meant for numbery stuff) I think we can forgive WordPress. Which has just added a load of 0s to the end. Yes, it will end in a lot of 0s now I think about it. Isn’t this fun?

  2. “Things” are breeding on your living room floor…

  3. Love the felting and the squares and the many times reincarnated sock/scarf is looking good!

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