colour theory

Here’s a ball of my bargain A-Sweater-for-£10 Shetland yarn that I bought at Woolfest. Now, we’re going to play a quick round of Name That Colour. See, I thought it was grey when I bought it. Even when I got it home, took it out and looked at it in different lights, and photographed it, I remained convinced it was grey. Which could have been a trifle awkward, as I’d just knitted myself one Big Grey Shetland sweater this year, but I never let little things like that get in the way of a good plan.


But see what happens when you add rich colours to it? Now I’m thinking maybe it’s a little way down the brown spectrum… y’know, with all those weird shades like taupe and mushroom.


It reminds me a little of the neutral I used on my Colours of Derbyshire cushion, and the way that made the different colours explode.


And here’s another clever colour trick.  Look at the swatch above.  Which colour leaps out at you?  I put that picture into B & W to check the relative values of the colours, and that dazzling turquoise melts right away.


After all that, I’m so confused about colours that I might just have to sit down quietly and write assessment files to calm myself down before bed.



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8 responses to “colour theory

  1. katherinea

    I actually think it looks most not-grey when it’s on its own in the ball. But then I am known for being awkward.
    Also I may be being very stupid because I don’t know much about proper photography, but isn’t the turquise just fading away because it’s as dark as the turquoise? There being only a single line/continuum of colour on black/white. I need to finish reading my book on eyes and colour and things. I don’t really get colour.

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