the fairisle dilemma

There’s just over a week until term finishes, and my desk is groaning under the pile of work I should be doing, but let me share with you the most pressing question on my mind.


Yes, it’s time for a new post-Woolfest round of Which Cardigan Should I Knit Next With My Bargain Yarn?

Due to my slightly obsessive fangirling of Kate Davies and all her works, I have a desperate urge to make myself an Ursula cardigan.  Only, y’know, not in those colours she chose.  Pastels.  Not me.



 And now we reach the heart of the dilemma. I love the fairisle for its authenticity, and the sheer exciting brilliance of chopping holes in a piece of intricate knitting (did I mention I’m totally over any fear of steeks?) But I find myself drawn back into the quiet simplicity of stripes, and fitted garments. Have you tried adding waist shaping to a fairsle cardigan? *shudder* But then have you noticed how unflattering cardigans without shaping are to 98% of adult women? Verily, I do not know what to do for the best.


Probably I will knit myself something uncontroversial from the pretty purple alpaca, whilst pondering this eternal question. Only, I need to make my mind up in the next few weeks before I hit Lerwick.




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10 responses to “the fairisle dilemma

  1. Go with your mood on the last day of term. Look to the colours that come out in your mind that day, and decide on the design from there.

    Spontaneity always brings the most creative and original designs out 🙂

  2. Viv

    I’d love an alpaca cardie. A friend had a shawl made for me when he was in a remote area somewhere in the mountains between several south American countries, but lovely as it is, it’s quite voluminous and not suitable for wearing around other than at home for warmth.

  3. Mrs Redboots

    Why not do your cardigan with fairlse borders round hem, cuffs and neck,and then plain in the middle so you can add shaping as required?

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