a girl’s guide to grief

Nobody tells you this:
It will be the littlest things
That destroy you utterly.
The tiny pieces of herself she left,
Scattered throughout your life.
Seeing her messages
Still there on your phone each day,
Finding notes in her handwriting.
You will treasure these fragments,
Because that’s all you have left of her.
Some morning you will wake up,
And she won’t be the first thing you think about.
There will be a day
When people don’t talk about her any more.
But you still remember.
Many years on,
Jokes still pop into your mind
That the only the two of you would get.
By then you can smile at her memory.
After the first death, there is no other.



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3 responses to “a girl’s guide to grief

  1. Tricia

    So true, and the last line resonated especially. Thank you for posting.

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