breaking the silence

My sad silent child has finally started to talk.  Suddenly, much of her attitude over the last year makes sense.  I am enlightened, saddened and overwhelmed, but very proud of her.


And angry.  Let’s not even start on how angry I am.


I hate bullying.



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8 responses to “breaking the silence

  1. cara

    angry is good, it shows just how much you care,
    many hugs and much love to the sad silent child, I hope she continues to talk.

    I hate bullies too

  2. Mrs Redboots

    Poor child. I am so glad she has started to talk but wish, for her sake, she could have done so earlier in the school year.

  3. Glad she started talking, hope now something can be done and she can start to feel happier. Angry is good but wish you didn’t have to be. Hugs all round.

  4. Jane

    I can’t really add much of sense that hasn’t been said already. So I shall send hugs.

  5. Gem

    Oh, I am so sad for her 😦 Bullies are so very, very horrible. Hope that something can be done for her.

  6. katherinea

    Ugh. I’m glad she had you there on her side and hope now the talking has started that things may change.

  7. It’s the beginning of things improving when they tell you. We have been there and ended up a year and a half later in a much better place, so it can be handled and sorted out. I think us parents find it harder to ever stop labelling them as bullies but in our case they have ended up as passable friends (to my great surprise). Hope you can get the issues addressed so she can start the next school year feeling safe. Then maybe she will find some enjoyment.

  8. dawn

    Belatedly catching up and sending much love and hugs for you and for her – at least now you have some ideas about what is wrong and from that you can work on what can be done. and most importantly of all, she is trusting you enough to speak about it – however tough it is, hold onto that.

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