house warming

Today was my day off, and possibly the hottest day yet. So I did the obvious thing, and concentrated on a woolly blanket. It’s been a work in progress since Easter, and will be going to live with a friend who’s moving. Both the blanket and the move have been a long time coming, but we’re nearly there now.


This morning, I gave the squares a dunk in the bath to clean them up. It was a good drying day. Lying on the grass looking up at the sky through the colours reminded me of stained glass.


I’m joining the squares together now in the cool of the evening. All I need to do now is decide what colour to use for the edging.

Every home needs a blanket.



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5 responses to “house warming

  1. katherinea

    That close up is very stained-glassy.
    Edge in the same as the white/cream you’ve already got? The colours do sit in it nicely.

  2. I love the colours in this blanket so much.

  3. It’s beautiful. I love the way the colours seem to glow.

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