guilty pleasures

I am ashamed to admit how much I love being home alone. My children are (of course) delightful, and (naturally) I adore their charming and lively company, but- oh! they are tiring (to be fair, some are more tiring than others… yes, I’m looking at you, Big Girl…)

I haven’t done anything extraordinary or memorable today. I read a book, cover to cover. I wandered down to the village, and browsed library and charity shops, and bought just what I wanted for lunch. I had an afternoon nap. I had spurts of domesticity (oh look, things stay tidy! how magical!) I played the music I wanted, at the volume I wanted. I cooked dinner just for me.  And I got mildly drunk on my new genius invention: gin and tonic and strawberry and elderflower.


Now I’m sitting out in the garden finishing off the housewarming blanket, and watching bats.


By tomorrow, even this introvert may be ready for some gentle company, but for now, I’m so very content.



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6 responses to “guilty pleasures

  1. jo

    I love you, And your day!

  2. I’m glad you had such a lovely day, I’m sure there’s no reason to feel guilty over such pleasures. They ring a bell with me. x

  3. katherinea

    I may have to check and see if your cocktail is acceptable.

  4. Catriona

    Sounds absolutely wonderful – you deserve it!

  5. dawn

    Despite having lived partly on my own for the last few years (they will keep coming back….) I still love being in the house on my own and being able to do what I want when I want and to know that if I make the effort to tidy it will stay that way. Walking back in after 10 days away with mum was blissful – MY house MY space.
    And I discovered gin, sparkling elderflower and fresh rasps is rather nice…..

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