It takes some time and distance from the end of term for my children to actually start thinking. We’re currently two weeks (of surfing and drama) in, and their dear little brains are just starting to engage with the Whys.

Today’s burning question is: why are bilberries red in jam, but blue in cake? Do not fear, rigorous experimentation is underway (in between shows), but feel free to send answers on a postcard.




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7 responses to “unschooled

  1. Mrs Redboots

    Acid and alkaline indicators, like red cabbage and/or alkanet root?

  2. We’re thinking so. I did a post years ago, on dyeing, that suggested this. Have set them to working out the scale though…

  3. katherinea

    Yep: “Bilberries have dark red, strongly fragrant flesh and red juice that turns blue in basic environments”. says Wiki.

  4. katherinea

    Further use of Google suggests butter is acidic and so is flour. Eggs whites are basic – about 8. I guess the raising agent will also have acid and alkaline and the whole thing must come out slightly alkaline. I guess jam has some acid like lemon juice in it to push it down the pH scale?

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