back to school blues

I woke up this morning with the double whammy sinking feeling of it being Monday, and The End of Summer. It’s cold and grey, and I go back to work on Wednesday, and Small Girl goes back to school on Thursday, and I am dreading it. The world seems to be full of parents declaring their delight that the holidays are nearly over. I feel sick at the prospect of sending her back into an environment* that has destroyed her confidence over the last couple of years.


I so badly want to be able to fix it all! now! everything! In the absence of maternal superpowers, I am mostly dealing with my worries by buying stationery and over-organising every aspect of our lives. I retain a touching belief that if I handsew nametapes into all uniforms, then all will be well. Please don’t disillusion me…

*I reserve my loathing for our current system of education, rather than local specifics. I’m ambivalent about her school (there’s good, bad and indifferent aspects, but hey! only one more year to go), however I have great faith in her year 6 teacher who worked miracles on That Boy, who is challenging to educate in his own unique way…


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  1. dawn

    at least you are now aware of the situation which is a very good starting point. Weekly baking sessions for new teacher as encouragement? (Maybe A should do all the GBBO challenges and use her as a guinea pig?)

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