the old ways

I love hexagons. They are my guilty pleasure. All that tessellation is so very sexy.

Hand sewn paper pieced patchwork has a beautiful simplicity. The only equipment you need is needle, thread, scissors and pins. I have a love/hate relationship with the noisy high speed clatter of sewing machines, tied to a table and electricity supply, but this is slow, quiet and low tech.


It must be five years since I’ve done this kind of work, and I’m fascinated that my hands remember how it is done, every fold of the fabric. Funny thing, muscle memory.


I had a sudden urge to make hexagons out of love letters, and poetry. Think of the archive potential…

Here’s one I made earlier:


P.S. One compelling reason why we still love technology and the internet: printable hexagon templates.



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3 responses to “the old ways

  1. KT

    I ♥ the Internet. It came back to my flat today. But I have no hexagons. I had a Toblerone but it is now gone.

  2. Love, love, love this post – the whole way you write about it and the hexagons themselves. There is something special about handsewn hexagons.

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