a week in scarves

I’ve had a little sartorial plan going on this week. Simply, to wear a different scarf each day. You see, I have a lot of scarves- a lot of very beautiful scarves- but I still tend to wear the same couple all the time.

I went through the collection for just the ones I’ve knitted since last winter which haven’t been worn yet. Hmmmm, I may have had a bit of a scarf binge over the summer…


Monday morning was cold and frosty, and I wore this purple and green zigzaggy number.


Tuesday’s scarf was the Yarn of Doom, which some of you may remember tormenting me at Woolfest. It did not want to be socks, however, so I tamed it with the power of linen stitch.


On Wednesday, I was luxurious in purple cashmere. I don’t like the way this one stretched though- scarves which are too long and too thin are not my favourite or my best- its destiny may involve reknitting.


I think Thursday’s scarf may be my new favourite. It is sparkly, and big enough to wrap up in properly.


Friday’s scarf is made of silk I bought at Woolfest. The colour name was Tidepool. How could I leave it?


Today’s scarf is self striping blues. It was not warm enough for the extraordinarily nasty weather we had, but it is very beautiful.


I have already designated tomorrow’s scarf. It is the swirly Northern Lights one where I had to beat the striping pattern into submission. (See how I always win eventually…)


I am sure it will look Just Right with uniform on parade tomorrow. Navy, with turquoise to match our neckers, it’s almost like a plan…




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4 responses to “a week in scarves

  1. I need more scarves. Although Ben has challenged me to finish knitting an eyelash blanket.

  2. Oooh, the linen stitch one is what I’m making at the moment too – though mine will be garish and rather too full of bright colours whereas yours is beautiful and stylish. 😉

    All of them are gorgeous.I never thought I would be a scarf knitter but I fear I might be at the top of a slipperly slope!

  3. katherinea

    I do like the way that linen stitch one has come out.

  4. dawn

    They are all gorgeours! Like you I tend to grab the same one (the one at the top of the heap not surprisingly) and I need to get used to making choices not just grabbing. How many stitches do you cast on for your linen stitch ones please?

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