this rough magic

Last week, I walked over Stanton Moor (which is a place I only ever visit in Autumn, as if time and place were inextricably bound). I came to the Nine Ladies- a small, but perfectly formed, stone circle.


By the stone circle, there’s a tree. An old oak tree. And on the tree, people hang Stuff.


Made Stuff, found Stuff, natural Stuff.


I guess they’re hoping. Hoping to find, to live, to love, to heal. I just find it beautiful and fascinating.




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7 responses to “this rough magic

  1. jo

    just spent the most lovely 20 minutes searching for pictures of a ceremonial circle hidden in the woods of Northampton MA. Around this circle: found, made, natural items are also hanging from trees, as are faded messages written on squares of white cloth.

    makes me feel geographically closer.

    PS Now how to attach the images?!

  2. jo

    Ok I posted 3, but I think I had to make them my ‘gravatars’ in order for you to see them.
    Oy vey!
    love, J

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