This hut is built on the North Shore of Lindisfarne. It blends into its surroundings so well that you might think it had grown there, organically.


The internet is surprisingly quiet on the subject of the hut. It started off as a work of art called Shelter by Sally Madge, but after repeatedly being destroyed by “the authorities”, it’s risen again as an act of communal defiance.

It serves as a shelter from the (ferocious) wind, a room with a view, a refuge for contemplation. It has a well-used visitors book, with some surprisingly poignant entries (anonymity frees the British psyche to write of love and loss).


Like yesterday’s tree hangings, the hut has become a shrine to found and made objects. I’m drawn to these contemporary shrines. The transience and fragility of these uncurated exhibits fascinates me.

There’s every kind of beach findings, both natural and manmade.


Deliberately crafted objects, love letters, poetry, fossils, bones.


Both the hut and the tree link back in my head to Tibetan prayer flags shredding in the wind… there’s one hell of a community art project idea lurking somewhere in the chaos of all this.


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