stars of the sea

This was today: cake and paint and glue and sparkly stars. I love stars.


Acrylic paint and sea glass.


Beads and paua shell.


My new resolution is to find ways to use the things I bring home from the sea in craft projects, so they can be seen and enjoyed. And I’m already looking forward to hanging these on my Christmas tree. I love Christmas trees. I think we should decorate the house with sparkly things and greenery for all the long dark months.




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4 responses to “stars of the sea

  1. dawn

    Beautiful – but PLEASE this year make sure the tree doesn’t make you ill…..

  2. They are gorgeous and I’m 100% with you. I’d rather wheeze all December than not have a tree. I need the lights and the sparkle. I will just restart the antihistamine and double up on them if necessary.

  3. Liz

    Stars and sparkly things are good – why wait before decorating the house with them!

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