smells like Christmas spirit

I seem to be running a month behind. I blame this year’s screwed up weather. I always make my Christmas cake during October halfterm. I soak the fruit the first weekend, and bake it the second. Always. Except that somehow we’re into the second half of November, and I haven’t. My children have been pointing this out with increasing urgency. So this evening, I got busy weighing, and chopping, and zesting, and soaking.


Work is stressful at the moment, but the scent of lemons and oranges and spices and whisky makes the world a better place. (What do other people do with zested lemons? They are such a sad sight.)


I think next term may also be pretty stressful, so I took the wise precaution of doubling the recipe. And the whisky. Two cakes are better than one. The Christmas spirit should last well into January in my house.




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3 responses to “smells like Christmas spirit

  1. katherinea

    I put zested lemons back in the fridge in a small plastic bag and then use when I need lemon juice. They keep quite a while.

  2. Mum cuts them into halves and freezes them, then defrosts as required.

    I cut them into slices and use in gin and tonic.

  3. Mrs Redboots

    Second cutting the up and freezing them. I slice and freeze for use in tea (or gin and tonic if I drank gin and tonic, which I don’t).

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