in the bag

This is a project I’ve had sat on the go for a couple of weeks now. It started when my Autumn mania was particularly acute, and I was inspired when I unearthed a little stash of autumnal fabrics, a gift from a friend.


I drew leaf outlines onto a calico bag (thanks once again to the Belford toy shop- if you’re ever in the area, I urge you to visit), then tacked charm squares of leafy fabrics inside before chopping out holes.


The technique is basically the same reverse applique method as the spots I was getting excited by. Note to self: horse chestnut leaves are Too Complicated.


I got this far in a flurry of excitement one evening, and then left the bag lying around the house for a week or two, because I couldn’t be bothered to line it. Making linings is a bit like sewing, and we all know I don’t do proper grownup sewing. I finally got around to it, inspired by the discovery of a matching ribbon.


What would you keep in a bag like this? I have a plan, and have sorted out yarn ready to go…




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