fade to grey

Today I had a joyful moment when decluttering turned into casting on.

A few weeks ago, I refound the blanket which I began in March. At the time, it was intended to be a year long project. I was very unhappy in March. At the time- as one does- I thought I’d be unhappy for ever. I knitted at those little squares to save my life.

Then Spring came, and it wasn’t the project I needed any more. I threw it aside, and started making happy coloured things.

When I found the proto-blanket again, I could hardly bear to touch it, because it took me back to March’s misery. I knew I’d never go back to it. So I did what any self respecting grown up would do, and stuffed the bag of unloved knitting and yarn back under my desk.

Today I took it out again, intending to dispose of it once and for ever, but then I fell in love with those soft yarn shades all over again, and within moments, I had a sweater plan.

A few hours later, I have a good chunk of sleeve. This one’s making me happy…


Note to self: if you want to photograph a sleeve in progress, it will work better if you don’t put that sleeve on your right arm, and then stubbornly refuse all offers of help.


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