four sleeves good

I now have two sleeves. I am still loving the soft hazy colours, but very bored by the dullness of the knitting (I think I might be needing a fairisle fix, watch this space…)


I also have plans to rip out this sad unloved sweater. It had neckline issues which bugged me so much I never really wore it. During my recent wardrobe purge, I threw it onto the bedroom floor, where it’s been looking at me all week. I intend to reknit it into something fabulous, seasonal and (hopefully) wearable. Would you judge me if I knitted a Christmas jumper? I have a Waitrose bag, and it’s a shame to waste it…


In other news: I have bought Liberty print shoes! In the sale! That Boy won’t steal my shoes again, mwahahaha!




Filed under crafting, knitting, sartorial advice, sparkly Christmas stuff

2 responses to “four sleeves good

  1. Heather

    The boy may not steal your shoes but I might…

  2. I would only judge you in the best kind of ways if you knitted a Christmas jumper

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