There were lots of things I loved about today:

-not having to get up in the dark
-not having to go out in The Weather (there seemed to be a lot of Weather, from inside)
-not having to be anywhere or do anything at all, actually… (yeah, it’s November, I’m lazy…)

Tomorrow seems to involve being simultaneously in three places in three different directions. Meh. And despite knitting as fast as I can, I’m going to run out of one of my stripe colours, which means either waiting to finish my jumper (hahaha, snowball’s chance in hell, etc etc) or adding Find Yarn into tomorrow’s list. I’m blatantly going to whinge about this at some length all over the internets.


*My ridiculous Big Children have a charming tradition of waking me up with a song. This morning’s was “The weather outside is frightful, but we are so delightful…” No comment.


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