lighten the dark : box

I challenged myself to post something on the blog every day in November, mostly so I wouldn’t disappear altogether. I won’t be carrying on endlessly with daily postings, because- let’s face it- some days there isn’t much to say, but I do fancy a daily picture for December. Think of it as my very own secular version of an advent calendar.

Today, I’m showing you The Christmas Box. The Christmas Box has been part of our family for the last 12 years, and it is one of our treasures. It lives in the loft for around 47 weeks of the year, but every 30th November, we rediscover it with delight, and enjoy its contents (more on that another day). Then on 6th January, back it all goes into the box in the loft for another year. I am very strict on this matter.


I have another plan for December too. My own Christmas marketplace for a few of the things I’ve enjoyed making lately, that I think other people might like too. Low prices for a quick sale… that way, I think we all win. Maybe the odd giveaway too. Tis the season to be jolly, and all that jazz…

I’m kicking it off today with a small selection of fairisle baubles.



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2 responses to “lighten the dark : box

  1. katherinea

    Does the breadmaker still exist?

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