lighten the dark: calendar

The first thing to come out of The Box is The Advent Calendar.  My three large children insist that this happens in the same way every year.  They go to bed each night with the next day’s pocket sadly empty, but wake up to find that “santa” has left chocolate and joy.   Sometimes santa forgets, and has to make a special trip in the afternoon and leave apologetic notes.  My children get very upset if this does not happen properly.


Note to new parents who are still in the cute baby’s first Christmas phase: beware, any traditions you begin now will be with you for life, they do not grow out of things.






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4 responses to “lighten the dark: calendar

  1. katherinea

    My mum’s still filling the tiny stockings we had as kids that are hung on the tree. Only now we go home so late we get about one day’s worth.

  2. Ours get filled at the beginning of the month, only they never do – currently I am 4 days short. This is totally usual. Then they only get them in the evening. We are currently at 18 (almost) and 16 and there hasn’t yet been any question of not filling these tiny pockets with even tinier things.

  3. Think how old I am and I still insist that things are done the same way they always have been.

  4. dawn

    i am not allowed to decorate my tree by myself – I have to wait until J and usually M are around to “help”. In other words M sorts out all the lights, J sorts out the tree and I get to sort out the empty packaging ready for M/C to put back in the loft.

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