scoring my fix

You may remember that I have been without the yarn I need to finish my stripey sweater ever since Saturday afternoon.  It’s been a tough 48 hours, so I was relieved to read an email telling me I could collect the yarn I needed from Waitrose in Buxton at 2pm today.  Picture the scene…


The order collection counter, 2.01pm

Me: Please may I collect my order.  The order number is xyz692 (reads email from phone)

Minion (finds small package and waves it tantalisingly out of reach): Can I see your photo ID?

Me: I do not have photo ID.

Minion: You must show me photo ID.

Me: I do not have photo ID.  I have an email with my order details.  I have the card with my name on with which I paid for my order.

Minion: You must show me photo ID, or you will never get your yarn, mwahahaha… (I may have invented that last part)

Me: This parcel contains one small skein of grey yarn.  I am possibly the only person in the whole of Derbyshire who would want this yarn, but I want it very badly.  I am not going to leave without this yarn.  Do I have to make a scene in public and involve your superior?

Minion: You must show me photo ID. (I begin to suspect minion is , in fact, a cyborg).

Me (fishing in pockets): LookSEE!  Here is a length of the very same yarn which I carried around on Saturday in the futile hope that a shop would actually have some of this very precious yarn which I covet.(Brandishes yarn at minion triumphantly.)

Minion cowers, opens mouth again to repeat cyborg utterance, then hesitates and realises that she may as well give in and hands over my yarn.



Huzzah!  My sweater is almost complete!


Today’s calendar picture will follow shortly… when I’m done knitting…





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3 responses to “scoring my fix

  1. dawn

    whereas I went to collect something from Next and was about to show the email, ID and everything else and all they said was “do you know what’s in it?” I replied and they handed it over!
    hope the knitting goes well

  2. KT

    Dear God. I wouldn’t want to be stuck on an island with you

  3. The lack of imagination on the part of so many people is frightening. Glad you held out and got your yarn.

    Aren’t rules meant to be broken, or at least, bent with some idea of what makes sense?

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