lighten the dark: carols

For me, this is the hardest part of my self-imposed No Christmas Until December embargo.  I adore Christmas carols, and the last week in November was tough.  My children mocked me.







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4 responses to “lighten the dark: carols

  1. Catriona

    I adore Christmas carols but it was always my rule not to start listening to them until 1 December. Then, when Eilidh came along 23 years ago on 2 December, that date was changed to 3 December, which something I still adhere to, even though she lives in Lincoln and I live in Edinburgh!

  2. Mrs Redboots

    You’re lucky – I’m not allowed them until 15 December (this is R’s birthday, and we can’t have Christmas until we’ve had that! And we can’t have his birthday until after the anniversary of his mother’s death – over 50 years ago – on 10 December)!

    • Small Girl’s birthday is 14th, and we traditionally go out and buy a tree and decorate it on that day, because that is how she likes it to be.

      Of course, That Boy’s birthday is on the day itself, so he’s got no chance. He’s lucky if we remember to say Happy Birthday to him at some point during the festivities.

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