do not mess with knitters

Imagine the scene.  It’s December.  I’m posting parcels…

Post Office man: I have to ask you, what is in the parcel?

Me: It is wool.

POM: I have to ask you, IS IT A BOMB?

Me: No, it is not a bomb, it is wool.

POM: But if it was A BOMB, you’d still say that, wouldn’t you?

Me: Um… I’m actually very truthful.  I expect that would make me a really bad terrorist.  Maybe if it was a knitted bomb… I’ve never knitted a bomb… (gets excited at the idea)

POM: You’d need a pattern though.

Me: My friend is knitting blood, you know…

POM (deciding to ignore mad knitting lady and reiterate his point): Because we can’t allow you to post anything dangerous.

Me: I wonder which of my friends would like to get a knitted bomb through the post?



Filed under knitting, village life (nobody leaves without mushrooms)

3 responses to “do not mess with knitters

  1. I would like you to try that out on me. As one Shire lass to another…

  2. I was quite annoyed to be asked what I was posting when I sent you your Alfie book. I was tempted to ask if Her Majesty’s mail was no longer confidential. I note this has only happened since privatisation.

  3. lol love the robots at the PO!

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