lighten the dark: school fair

This was my Guides’ stall at the fair this afternoon. I was thrilled that I finally found an occasion to take the tablecloth we received for a wedding present 16 years ago out of the packet.


The Guides did a beautiful job setting up the stall, and- erm- some quite forceful selling. Nobody was allowed to leave without their quota of cards and gingerbread.


We raised £105, which will sponsor Kenfrey for another 7 months. If you’d like to add to that total, I have a few owls and baubles left, £3 each, all money to Plan.


I realised when we got home that it was our last ever primary school Christmas Fair. And I’d failed to win the raffle again, just to keep up the tradition.



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2 responses to “lighten the dark: school fair

  1. Donna

    Oh, I missed the owls originally! I’d love one of your owls please.

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